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Turn to us with your trouble…

Our therapist will prepare medicine that will ease your mind…

Opening Hours

Su – Th 18:00 – 02:00
Fr – Sa 18:00 – 03:00

* Public holidays are considered as Sunday.

* Reservation Highly recommended +420 608 911 884.

Jungmanova, Prague, CZ


Sneak Peak


Shrink's Inkblots

No.1 175 Kč
No.2 255 Kč
No.3 185 Kč
No.4 185 Kč
No.5 195 Kč
No.6 195 Kč
No.7 205 Kč
No.8 220 Kč
No.9 185 Kč
No.10 235 Kč

Gin – 4 cl

Spiced Blend 155 Kč
London Dry Gin Blend 155 Kč
Modern Type Gin Blend 205 Kč
OMG 135 Kč
Sipsmith 185 Kč
Tanqueray No. 10 195 Kč
Tanqueray Bloomsbury 175 Kč
Tanqueray Rangpur 175 Kč

Absitnhe – 4 cl

Žufánek – Amave Absinthe 165 Kč
Žufánek – St. Antoine Absinthe 155 Kč

Aperitiv (Aperitif) – 4 cl

La Cigarrera PX 125 Kč
Shrink's Bitter Liquor 95 Kč

Pálenky (Brandy) – 4 cl

Žufánek – Hruškovica 115 Kč
Žufánek – Slivovica 105 Kč


Roastbeef 135 Kč
Shrink's Almonds 95 Kč

Nealko (non-alcoholic)

Crodino 45 Kč
Juice 45 Kč
East Imperial 55 Kč
Fentimans – Curiosity Cola 65 Kč
Red Bull Simply Cola 55 Kč
Fritz – Melon 55 Kč
Goldberg – Soda 55 Kč
Solan de Cabras 85 Kč
Virgin coctails of choice 125 Kč

Pivo (Beer)

Guinness 105 Kč
Pilsner Urquell 105 Kč

Bílá vína (White Wine)

Chardonnay Le Cepage 2014 (0.15l) 105 Kč
Chardonnay Le Cepage 2014 (0.75l) 395 Kč

Červená vína (Red Wine)

Merlot Le Cepage 2013 (0.15l) 105 Kč
Merlot Le Cepage 2013 (0.75l) 395 Kč

Šumivá vína (Sparkling Wine)

Michel Arnould Grant Cru (0.1l) 185 Kč
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry (0.1) 105 Kč
Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene (0.75) 595 Kč

Whisky Scotch – 4 cl

Highland Blend 195 Kč
Islay Blend 225 Kč
Speyside Blend 205 Kč
Johnnie Walker – Black Label 135 Kč
Johnnie Walker – Gold Label 195 Kč
Johnnie Walker – Green Label 185 Kč
Johnnie Walker – Blenders' Batch 125 Kč

Whiskey Irish – 4 cl

Teeling – Small Batch 195 Kč
Bushmills 10y 175 Kč
Connemara 175 Kč
Dubliner 145 Kč

Whisky American – 4 cl

Bookers 265 Kč
Bulleit Rye 145 Kč
Kentucky Blend 145 Kč

Whisky – Single Malt – 4 cl

Singleton 12y 185 Kč
Singleton 15y 255 Kč
Singleton 18y 355 Kč
Cao ila 12y 165 Kč
Cragganmore 12y 175 Kč
Dalwhinnie 15y 195 Kč
Teeling – Single Malt 225 Kč

Rum – 4 cl

Shrink's Spiced 105 Kč
Diplomatico Reserva Exc. 155 Kč
Flor de Caña 4y 85 Kč
Flor de Caña 7y 135 Kč
Havana club Selección de Maestros 265 Kč
Ron Centenario 7y 105 Kč
Ron de Barrllito 185 Kč
Zacapa 23y 175 Kč
Zacapa 23y Limitada 395 Kč
Trois Rivières 50% 125 Kč

Vodka – 4 cl

Ketel One 135 Kč
Ketel One – Citroen 135 Kč
Russian Standard 95 Kč
Russian Standard – Imperia 195 Kč

Mezcal, Sotol & Tequila – 4 cl

Agave Blend 210 Kč
Del Maguey Mezcal Chichicapa 280 Kč
Del Maguey Mezcal Chichicapa 280 Kč
Hacienda De Chihuahua Reposado Sotol 185 Kč
Don Julio – blanco 190 Kč
Don Julio – reposado 190 Kč

Vermouth – 8 cl

Vermouth Bland White 135 Kč
Vermouth Bland Rouge 135 Kč
Carpano Antica 185 Kč
Del Professore – Bianco 145 Kč
Lillet – Blanc 135 Kč
Punt E mes Carpano 155 Kč

Likér (Liqueur) – 4 cl

Alt – Fernet 85 Kč
Amaretto di Saronno 85 Kč
Bentianna classic 105 Kč
Becherovka 85 Kč
Cointreau 75 Kč
Dom Benedictine 105 Kč
Chartreuse Verte 125 Kč
Kahlua 75 Kč
TatraTea 52% 115 Kč
TatraTea 62% 125 Kč

AnonymouS in Motion

AnonymouS Shrink's office and AnonymouS Bar
shrinks office AUTÉNTICO NATIVO 15 Y O
AnonymouS Shrink's Office - Only for Noble Mans
AnonymouS Shrink's Office - Shrink Bartender
AnonymouS Bar - The Time
We are Legion.
AnonymouS Bartender - Golf Tour
Magic Trick by AnonymouS Bartender
AnonymouS Commander
Commander is Back !!
AnonymouS Bar - PBS 2015- Bohemian Punch
AnonymouS Bar Bohemia Punch Garden

Our Philosophy

08.11.2016 another part of the AnonymouS Concept arises and together with the Hideout (AnonymouS Bar) creates the perfect „healing place“ for your mind and soul. With the calm, elegant and intimate interior it is the perfect place for group or private therapy.

Just like the Hideout is the Office a creation of dreams, ideals and ideas of every single person working in it.

We are Legion, each of us is equally significant.

1. Hermann Rorschach

Exactly 132 years before the Offices doors opened for the first time, in the year 1884 was in the Swiss Zurich born Mr. Hermann Rorschach. This Swiss Freudian psychiatrist and psychoanalyst is best known for developing a projective test known as the Rorschach inkblot test. This test was fully described for the first time in 1991 in his book "Psychodiagnostik.

He makes for the first soul.

The Historical one.

¨If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us¨
― Hermann Rorschach

2. Watchmen’s Ror­schach

Lets move through time. In the years 1986 and 1987 an American comic-book limited series was created by a British collaboration consisting of writer Alan Moore, artist Dave Gibbons, and colourist John Higgins. The Watchmen. One of its main characters, surfing the streets of New York, is controversial character of Rorschach, alter ego of Walter Joseph Kovacs. Fighting The Bad in the streets of New York he sees the world in black and white, no grey exists in his eyes. His not really attractive face and ginger hair is hidden behind a white mask with a Rorschach splash, same one like the ones Rorschach based his test on.

This is the second Soul.

The Fantasy one

“"None of you understands. I'm not locked up in here with YOU. You're locked up in here with ME.”*
― Alan Moore, Watchmen

3. Present

Everything that's happening right now, immediately around us and in the whole world.

“In an era of stress and anxiety, when the present seems unstable and the future unlikely, the natural response is to retreat and withdraw from reality, taking recourse either in fantasies of the future or in modified visions of a half-imagines past”
― Alan Moore, Watchmen

Written about us…


AnonymouS Shrink's Office

Jungmannova 11/ 23
Prague 1
Czech Republic

+420 608 911 884

Opening Hours

Su – Th 18:00 – 02:00
Fr – Sa 18:00 – 03:00

* Public holidays are considered as Sunday.

Jaroslav Modlík

executive director


AnonymouS Office s.r.o.

legal operator

Michalska 432/12
110 00 – Prague 1
Czech Republic
Vat Nr.: CZ 242 27 455